Why Your End of Tenancy Cleaning Costs are High

It is common to hear people who are moving houses mourning how they have to pay to clean the previous house on top of the costs involved in moving. It is possible to get charged high tenancy cleaning prices because of a few mistakes, largely brought about by ignorance on how cleaning services work. But dealing with cleaning services is something you cannot escape if you need a professional job that can pass the landlord’s inspection. If you find that your end of tenancy cleaning charges is high, there are some mistakes you are making and should learn to avoid.

You don’t ask for price quotes

It is understandable that sometimes you have to move in a rush that there is not enough time to do everything properly. Picking up the classifieds and calling the first cleaning service you come across will not get you the best price. The sales rep will want to quote a low price to attract you but then bundle it with hidden charges to push up the invoice.

When looking for a cleaning service, call at least 7 companies and ask them for a price quote. You will hear different prices, some high and some dubious low. For each price, you should ask the sales rep what the package entails. You should whittle down the least to at least 3 companies which you can compare comprehensively.

You don’t define what is to be done

Cleaning companies often have standard task lists which are tasks to be done at an end of tenancy cleaning job. Many will quote their prices in a generic fashion e.g. Standard 3-bedroom house charges are X pounds. This can be a bit disadvantageous if your house does not require much work. You can get lower tenancy cleaning prices by defining your own task list and have the cleaning company quote a price based on it. Ask them to strike off tasks that you can easily do on your own e.g. cleaning kitchen utensils and appliances. This will significantly lower your charges.

Another good reason for having a task list is that you avoid disputes over what was to be done.  The cleaning crew works on very specific instructions rather than from their own assumptions and experience.

You don’t negotiate

Everything is negotiable, even cleaning prices. It is possible to lower your end of tenancy cleaning prices by negotiating. Ask the cleaning service to lower the price or you walk. Most of them will be glad to offer you a good discount.