The Great Story of Juan Martin Del Porto

If you are a tennis fanatic, you can’t miss the name Juan Martin Del Porto in your world. Juan is an Argentinian tennis player who won his 21st career title with a 6-4, 6-4 a month ago against his bitter rival Kevin Anderson in the Mexican open final in Acapulco.

But do you know how the Argentinian tennis super started his career? Well, he seriously began training tennis when he was just seven years old. To this date, Juan holds many memories from winning his first senior match while he was only 15 to his win in Miami and recently Acapulco.

Though Juan Martin Del Porto has faced numerous injuries during his entire career, he has managed to accumulate 400 ATP world tour victories. He recently told that he could not imagine that he could accomplish such success in his tennis career.

It is exceptional for me to hit 400 wins after the challenges I faced in my career and the sacrifices I have made in life,” said Juan.

Giving Up

Juan Martin Del Porto is known to have opted to give up or retire after experiencing injuries in his tennis career, for instance, the wrist injury that transforms his life in 2015. He thought he had reached the end of the road, only to find a breakthrough afterward that he had never imagined.

Marcelo Gomez, Juan’s first trainer, noticed a great talent in him since the start. The Argentinian has managed to 400 wins, and 159 loses ranking second after Argentinian leader Guillermo Vilas, who has recorded a total of 929 wins against 286 losses.

According to Gomez, since Juan was young, he always had that zeal in him to compete and approach the game differently. In addition to that, Del Potro always played to win and kept with him this passion for the rest of his tennis career.


The training and mentorship of Del Potro started in Tandil, Argentina. At the age of six, he was accepted into Club Independiente by Marcelo Gomez, the owner of the tennis school. At that time, Gomez was training young Argentinian tennis players; Juan Monaco and Mariano Zabaleta. Juan had the opportunity of training at a surrounding of great competition.

Resilient Juan Del Potro

Marcelo Gomez recalls how the Del Potro was steady and composed whenever he entered the court since he was young. He was never shaken by how big or better his opponent was in the first place. He was always competitive and keen to raise his game.

Juan’s career breakthrough came in 2005 when he emerged from a ranking of below 1000 to number 159 in the world. He later won his first match at the ATP world tour when he was only 17 at Vina del Mar, Chile.