Facts You Should Know About Juan Martin Del Potro

Juan Martin Del Potro, an Argentinian tennis player, is currently ranked number six globally in the men’s singles by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP).

The first quarter of 2018 has been successful for the Argentinian tennis player, who has won 21 matches which includes 15 games consecutively extending from Indian Wells, Miami to Acapulco. However, there are five crucial facts you need to know about this excellent tennis player.

He Loves and Played Soccer

Surprisingly, Juan Martin Del Potro loved playing soccer while he was still a child. He only played tennis when he was not on the football pitch. He recently confessed to being the worst soccer player since he concentrated his all efforts on playing tennis.

Juan Started Playing Tennis While He Was Seven Years

Did you know the Argentinian superstar started his tennis career while still a child? His tennis training began when he was only seven years old. His exceptional talent was discovered by Ugo Colombini, an Italian ex-tennis professional player who trained him until 2013.

By the age of 15, Del managed to win his first senior match. In 2008, the tennis player made a breakthrough in his career and made history by being the first player in ATP  to win his four consecutive career titles in various tournaments.  He has earned a total of $15,554,466 in prize money since he mastered the game in 2005.

He Speaks and Fluent In Three Languages

Apart from his native Spanish language, Juan can fluently converse in both English and Italian. He is bold to face the American reporters and discuss his triumphant win in Miami and later join friends in watching Italian soccer.

He Once Considered Seeking Retirement

Juan Martin del Potro underwent his fourth wrist surgery in June 2015, and he was doubtful about his tennis career. He later admitted finding retirement due to the injury but opted to keep fighting. Dr. Richard Berger, the surgeon performing the surgery on Juan at that time, was proud of tennis player being resilient and robust during his recovery period.

His Unforgettable Moment in Life

During his post-grand slam win in his home country Argentina, Juan was amazed by the vast crowd that had gathered to cheer and celebrate with him. It is believed almost a third of all the population in Tandil were present representing approximately 40,000 people. He was also handed the keys of Tandil by the governor.

A Sign Always in His Memory

Being a Catholic, after his wins, Juan Del Potro still does the cross sign a way of thanking God for his victory and a symbol of remembrance.